Let’s Talk#12; why Maruti acquires 48% of the Indian car industry?


Have you ever thought while driving around or even when roaming around that most of the vehicles that you see on the roads are of Maruti Suzuki but have you wondered about it that why is it so? Well to answer this I have researched many reasons which are included in this next blog of Let’s Talk Series!

On the Point

Well, these reasons varies from person to person about the drivability of the Suzuki vehicles etc. But the main reasons behind the question are mentioned as below:

Large Network of Service

Currently Maruti owns 3,634 workshops across 1789 towns and cities of India and in the past year mainly in 2018-2019 Maruti had opened 200 more workshops for its customers. Moreover, Suzuki has 1141 authorized dealers for its cars across India which makes it the number one manufacturer in terms of occupied dealers.

Efficient Vehicles

Maruti Suzuki has refined too much that now the claimed fuel efficiency of its vehicle acquired it top place among fuel efficient vehicles. Maruti Suzuki Dzire which features 1.2L engine has a claimed mileage of around 23.26kmpl (Manual) and 24.12kmpl (Automatic) which is just awesome for a mid-size sedan. Even the other hatchbacks get failed to provide mileage like this!

Super Silent

Well, this is the factor which is the most recent among all. Maruti has refined its engines so much that they literally don’t make sound at all. It seems like the Maruti’s petrol vehicles are like an EV.

I have made a complete blog on Maruti Suzuki Baleno that why it sells the most? In that too I have mentioned this point. If you are interested the link is given below:

Better Resale Value

Better resale value is also one of the factor due to which Maruti Suzuki vehicles sells the most as Maruti have a second hand dealer market known as ‘True Value’ which offers great buyback value for the old Maruti cars. Moreover, it provides these second hand cars with full assurity in service, safety and value to its customers.

Only most demanded features.

The most common thing with Maruti vehicles from starting is that they provide only such features which are necessary in the vehicle and are most demanded by the society. For example till now no vehicle from Maruti Suzuki features a sunroof, moreover except the traditional jeep Gypsy no vehicle till now features 4×4 capability. Other features on which Maruti is still lagging behind is the seat ventilation system, fully digital instrument cluster, purification systems etc. Well these features looks interesting enough but are not necessary at all. And also due to Maruti only provides necessary features this reduces the cost of the vehicles which makes them quite cheaper in the same segment as compared from the market.     

Comment me what do you think about Maruti Suzuki!

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Maruti Suzuki.

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