Let’s Talk#11; Icon Aircraft


Well, scrolling in my YouTube feed I founded new and interesting tech which is a two seater comfy Airplane which don’t requires any dedicated runway or something professional like that it can literally be landed on beach or in a lake.

Icon Aircraft which is an American manufacturer initially showed their prototype in around 2008 and around in 2016 the healthy production came in line. Now, they are more refined more futuristic, safer and can handle any situation as well.

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Talking only about the A5 aircraft; it holds two seats in its cabin and can hold a maximum takeoff weight of around 686.4kgs. The aircraft is powered by a Rotax 912 which is a 100HP unit. It takes around 195m as a takeoff distance on land and 256m of distance in water. Along with this the landing distance varies as 190m for land and 213m for water. The max speed recorded by the vehicle is 176km/hr which is kinda good for a two seater small aircraft.

However, customers are isn’t satisfied with these specs when it comes to an airplane as safety matters much in these concerns. Thankfully, Icon has taken care about that too; in the safety features A5 aircraft features SRA (Spin Resistant frame) which is developed by Icon and it kinda stops the plane to spin in several conditions. The next is the Icon’s parachute system which is there at any difficulties during flight time. More safety features includes: Icon’s angle of Attack Indicator (AoA), Icon’s predictable flying characteristics, Planning wing tips, low stall speed.

A5 varies in dimensions as 7.01m in length, 10.61m of wingspan, 2.47m of height. The interior cockpit width is around 116.8cms and the cockpit features canopy like design.


Well, it’s a good option for many countries except India as currently here in India no one wants the technologies like this and moreover, there are not that type of lakes and empty lands which can serve as a landing runway for this aircraft.

Also, the main problem with this aircraft in my opinion is with its fuel type. A5 Aircraft uses or demands 91 octane auto or 100LL Aviation fuel which is kinda makes it difficult in the availability and also increases its cost. If it was capable to run on simple or standard fuel type than it would be a much better option.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Icon Aircraft.

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