Review Series#14; Ferrari Roma


Launched around the 7th of July 2021, Roma is the cheapest beast launched by Ferrari in India. The price starts at around 3.76crores and the car features a new off-the-track design language compared to other Ferrari vehicles in India. Follow the link below for more Review Series

On the Point  

Roma is powered by a V8 90degree Turbo motor which is a 3.9L unit that produces a maximum power around d 611.50bhp@5750-7500rpm with a torque of 760Nm@3000-5750rpm. The engine features 8 cylinders with 8 valves per cylinder. The vehicle is only available in the automatic transmission right now and features an all-wheel drive system.

For more specs refer to the Quick spec sheet:


Well, the most important thing about the Italian manufacturer is its technology; this time Ferrari worked a lot on details along with the touch screens which are actually dedicated to the passenger side too. The steering also features multiple touchscreen units with the instrument cluster which is fully digital and shows all the information graphically inside of it. Roma is also equipped with an infotainment display which is also a luxurious one and kinda reminds you of the Tesla cars.

Roma also features a leather-wrapped key to open the boot as well along with doors. However, it doesn’t feature any wireless connectivity through an app or something like that to turn on/off the vehicle. Moreover, the rear seats are not functional at all. Talking about the Engine Roma’s engine makes it touch 320km/hr as a max speed. It can also cover 100km/hr in just 3.4s and all credit goes to its V8 twin-turbocharged engine.


Well, it’s the best and no one can compete in its class it’s the most luxurious grand coupe available in India which is the cheapest one from Ferrari. The car is the ultimate package from power to luxury at the same time which makes it super duper awesome in its class.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Ferrari website.

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