Best Direct hit Sedans! You must know about!


The blog is just informatory purpose only and is not like any other series! The whole idea was to just highlight those sedans which are the best and you can really trust on them.

On the Point

In India after reviewing many sedans finally in my opinion the best 5 sedans are as under:

Honda City

The first generation of City was launched somewhere around 1998 and at that time too it was a great success for Honda. Initially it was powered by a 1.3L and 1.5L motor and the major highlight about the car at that time was its acceleration which is even now a major factor of its demand.

Recently, there is a news that new Honda City with Hybrid capability can be launched in India, for more follow the blog below:

Hyundai Verna

Verna was initially launched in around 2006 after Elantra was introduced in 2004 by Hyundai. Verna actually was a smaller version (in terms of features) of Elantra and even now it lags some features as compared to Elantra which reduces its prices in turn. Talking about its sale it was the best product at that time launched by Hyundai which attracted the customers a lot due to its engine. Initially, Verna featured a 1.5L 4 cylinder CRDi engine with variable geometry diesel which is the best at that time even after Hyundai claimed its mileage around 14kmpl.

Honda Civic

The best vehicle by Honda at that time and even till now was its Civic not only because it was a direct hit but also due to its acceleration. Believe me, the older model of Civic red lines upto 7500rpm in the 1st gear which is kinda insane. It was powered by a 1.8L petrol motor and the claimed mileage was around 13-17kmpl which was better than Verna.

Toyota Corolla

Corolla was launched in India around 2003 and after that it has received several awards in sedan segment such as the global sedan award etc. It was initially powered by a 1ZZ-FE 1.8L motor. The car also proved its mark for Toyota from the beginning and even till now.

Skoda Rapid

The first generation of rapid was launched in 2011. The car was a direct hit despite some problems with its brakes, power windows etc. The main reason for its success was its German engineering and its luxurious interiors at low price as well. The 2011 Skoda Rapid featured a 1.6L of engine with a claimed mileage of upto 20.5kmpl.

Also, if you are interested in budget hatchbacks, do follow the blog below:

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of automobile manufacturer’s.

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