Audi e-tron GT


On 22nd of September 2021 Audi launched its all time favorite vehicle in India. Yes it’s the Audi e-tron GT which is available in RS trim too. Well, the wave of electric which is initially generated by Hyundai Kona in India followed by MG ZS EV. And at last Tata has entered in this segment with its Nexon and Tigor EV. Looking all this Audi India finally decided to launch its EV in India.

On the point

Audi e-tron has been launched in India with two configurations one is Audi e-tron GT other one is Audi e-tron RS GT. The major difference between the two is the motor which drives them. Audi e-tron GT has a net battery capacity of 83.7kWh which delivers a torque of 630Nm with a power output of 390kW/530HP; the range varies between 388-500kms. The top speed is around 245km/hr and it takes only 4.1s to reach 100km/hr. The standard charging time for the battery to charge itself from 0 to 80% under AC power source is around 9.5hr (11kW charger) and 5.25hr (22kW charger). Under DC charging from 0-80% the charging time is around 22.5minutes (270kW charger).

For the spec’s of Audi RS e-tron GT refer the Quick spec sheet below:


Well, the most interesting and beautiful things about Audi cars is their technology. Audi e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT features many unique tech’s some of which are listed as under:

Audi Drive Select

The drive select mode let’s you to choose the driving experience for you vehicle. The drive select mode mostly features Comfort, Dynamic and Efficiency mode. The Efficiency mode let’s you to save more power as compared to the Dynamic and Comfort mode.

All wheel steering

The all wheel steering mechanism aided with the electromechanical power steering plus controls the rear wheels in the same or in the opposite direction. This results in immediate tuning of the vehicle.

Adaptive Air Suspension

For comfort and handling, e-tron GT is equipped with electronic adjustable suspension which adapts itself according to the obstacles on which the car rolls over.

Active rear Spoiler

The active spoiler which comes in built for both the variants of the vehicle helps to increase the air resistance on the instance of high speed braking. The spoiler diffuses automatically at the time of braking depending upon the speed.

Launch Control function

Launch control helps you to record your speed and also gives you a boost function. The feature is basically designed to provide an optimal performance in acceleration.

Charging ports on both sides

E-tron GT and RS e-tron GT features charging port on both sides of the vehicles this has been done to make charging hassle free and convenient.

Carbon Fibre Roof

The roof of the vehicle is entirely made up of carbon fibre, which in turn reduces the weight of the car; thus, reducing the centre of gravity. The roof is further equipped with panoramic sunroof which comes as standard in both the variants.


To be honest it’s the best option available in the Indian automotive market right now. I agree it’s a lot more expensive than you think but after all of this it’s an Audi. It means no comprise in quality has been doe; the user will get the best and optimal performance till the car last. These are my views; please share yours in the comment section.

Comment me what do you think about the New Audi e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT?

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Audi.

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