Prototype Vision#4; Vinata Aeromobility; will India get its own flying car?


Recently, a news again striked on my phone about a flying car and this time I was surprised that it’s the Indian one. Vinata Aeromobility which is a Chennai, Tamil Nadu based automobile group is working on a flying car. The flying car is more or less similar with the Ola AirPro and it could be launched somewhere around 2022.

On the Point

The prototype which will be transformed into a reality will be fully autonomous hybrid power flying car which has 8 BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motors which works with 8 Fixed Pitch propellers. The co-axial Quad rotor pulls the energy from the generators which further runs on biofuel as a source of energy.

The Flying car is around 990kgs and can accommodate 2 passengers with a maximum takeoff weight of 1300kgs. Moreover, the roof is transformed into a panoramic window canopy and the landing gears are of Quadricycle type. The dimensions of the vehicle including the propellers are: Length: 5548mm, Breadth: 5477.53mm, Height: 2240mm.

With all the specifications mentioned above the flight time of the vehicle is about 60mins with a maximum speed of 120km/hr. The estimated range is about 100km with the maximum flying height of 3000ft.

However, the party trick in the vehicle is with its unique tech: DEP (Distributed Electric Propulsion), the tech ensures the safety of the passengers as in the case when one of the motor or propeller fails, the other fine motor and propellers can safely land the vehicle. Moreover, the vehicle also features some kind of backup power which provides emergency power to the flying car in case there is power disruption from the generator.

The flying car also features many user-friendly digital panels which are AI integrated for better driving experience.


Well again concluding the article with few lines as the future is coming near. Moreover, it doesn’t matters if this tech fails or gets success but the thing which matters is that someone is trying and that too from India.

Also, if you wanna know about Klein Vision’s flying car do check out the blog given below:

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Meanwhile me: Going to sleep!

Credits: All the Images have been taken from Official Vinata Aeromobility website.

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