Why Baleno made its mark in Indian automotive market?


Baleno which is a mid size hatchback has attracted a lot of customers since its launch. It had also sold the most in the year 2019 along with the Maruti Suzuki Swift and Dzire. Moreover, Baleno is also included in the blog of budget hatchbacks to view Click here.

On the Point

Well some of the reasons that made Baleno to kinda rule Indian roads in my opinion are as under:

  • Hybrid capability: Baleno is the only hatchback in the segment which is available in Hybrid capability. Therefore, tremendously increasing the efficiency as well. This serves as a plus point to buy it for the customers.
  • Super Silent: Nowadays, Suzuki’s vehicles are super duper silent just as they are running on electric. The updated insulation system serves for this purpose. But this thing is only available for the petrol engines and as the Baleno is only powered by petrol engines it don’t makes any noise and kinda feels refined as well.
  • Wide range of service centers: The plus point which is nowadays with every Maruti vehicle is the availability of wide range of service centers. So, this also serves as the major factor for Baleno to be sold in Indian market.
  • Compact accurate size: The size of Baleno is accurate; I mean this size is well demanded by Indian customers in my opinion. Taking some of the examples of hatchback with the same size confg. are Kwid, Swift, Brezza etc.


Well, Baleno actually serves a great package and also the main reason which I feel is the wide range of service centers of Maruti Suzuki which not only aids Baleno to sell off but also to other Maruti cars as well.

Comment me what do you think about Maruti Suzuki Baleno?

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Maruti Suzuki Website.

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