Honda City Hybrid


Recently there’s news from Honda that they could unveil their hybrid vehicle as Honda City somewhere around 2022 in India. The car has been already launched in Malaysia and Thailand.

On the Point

Honda City hybrid in Malaysia is claiming a fuel efficiency of around 27.7kmpl and in Thailand it is 27.8. From these specs there could be some possibilities that City hybrid can also deliver the same efficiency in India as well. Currently City offers a 1.5L petrol as well as a diesel engine with the claimed mileage ranging between 18-24kmpl. And with the hybrid version it can go upto 27-28kmpl which is quite impressive in this segment.

Moreover, the current i-VTEC 1.5L DOHC VTC Petrol engine delivers around 119.35hp@6600rpm of power and the City hybrid would likely can be 107bhp higher than the current one. Also City Hybrid features all the normal hybrid capabilities such as Regenerative Braking System, saving energy while decelerating. But the party trick this time is with its engine, this time City’s engine will not be linked directly with the wheels. This helps to save and charge the battery’s power as the engine can perform on one speed and the wheels on another.

Talking about the weight distribution the City hybrid will be 110kg’s heavier than the normal current Honda City. The 110kgs is the weight of the whole hybrid system of which the new City will be equipped. And to adjust this 110kgs City’s boot space will be reduced from 506L to 410L. However, there are chances that the boot space will be further enhanced for the Indian variant of the vehicle.

There are also certain assumptions that the new City hybrid will feature ADAS safety systems and will also be available in RS trim. Also City hybrid will feature disc brakes for rear as well as front and is also equipped with electronic parking brake.

Talking about the last and the most important thing pricing, the City hybrid will be priced somewhere around 18-20lakhs for the top of the line variant.

Comment me what do you think about the future of City Hybrid?

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Honda Thailand website.

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