Let’s Talk#8; All you need to know about Lucid Motors


Have you ever heard of the Lucid air vehicle which has the highest range among the EV’s on a single charge? Well, today’s Let’s Talk series is mainly focused on the Lucid motors which is now aiming only o the high tech EV’s.

On the Point

About the manufacturer

An initial version of Lucid motors was officially founded in 2007 which was named as Atieva. Atieva group originally focused on manufacturing of the batteries and the power trains for other EV manufacturers. After that a pure EV manufacturer Lucid motors got rebranded in around October 2016. The initial founders of the group were Bernard Tse and Sam Weng.

After all of this Lucid motors officially announced for the construction of their $700 million manufacturing plant at Casa Grande, Arizona on 29th of November 2016. The manufacturing plant immediately demanded 2000 workers for the production activities. Then there’s no turning back for Lucid motors, then on 17 September, 2018 Lucid motors announced for the funding by ‘Public Fund of Saudi Arabia’ for a financial help to build the first commercial plant for Lucid air in the same Casa Grande, Arizona. The construction finally begun in the end of 2019 for the phase 1 and from that Lucid motors was getting a production capacity of around 34,000. Moreover the complete factory consists of over 4 phases which made its production from that 34,000 to 4,00,000.

About its Prototype

Well, there are mainly 2 prototypes from the company till now which are as under:

Lucid Air

Lucid Air which is one of the major prototype was unveiled by the company in December, 2016. Moreover, its production has to be started from the spring season of 2021. Initially, Lucid Air pure was announced with its range of 653kms of projected range and 480 horsepower. Later, its full range models were announced too which can have an expected range of 832km on a single charge. The models equipped with this range include4s: Lucid Air Touring, grand Touring etc.

 Project Gravity

Lucid also unveiled its electric SUV concept known as project gravity on around September, 2020. TBH there’s no official statement about this project. Only few images and videos are available about this one which can’t explain much about the vehicle.


Well, Lucid is collaborating with many other companies to enhance its technologies one which is Mobileye which provides driver assist features and makes Lucid cars quite autonomous. They are also collaborating with Amazon to work out on their connectivity features and Alexa can improve them a lot by allowing the access of voice control to control almost anything on the vehicle.


To be honest with all of you I just came to know about this company in one of the question which was asked from me that “which EV has the maximum range in the world” which I actually googled myself and what I found is that Lucid Air just nailed it by claiming a range of about 832kms on a single charge which is just insane. And it is more than Audi’s e-tron tech too which makes it quite more insane.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from official Lucid Motor’s website.

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