Prototype Vision#3; Klein Vision – Flying car


Ever heard about the future with flying cars, well that is actually happening. Recently, many companies are interacting with the flying air technologies including the Ola which had unveiled its Ola AirPro claiming very powerful and stunning specs. Now there’s one more company which had recently showed up there vehicle testing.

The company is Klein Vision and the car is a prototype which has no official name declared none other than a simple flying car. The car in its testing was seen flying between the international airports of Nitra to the international airport of Bratislava. In the testing the car was made to fly for about 35 minutes in air and all of this was recorded in the official video provided by the manufacturer on June 29 on its official YouTube channel.

On the point

Klein Vision founded by Stefan Klein puts a 1.6L petrol BMW engine in their flying car to bring massive power at the time of take off. The engine produces around 140PS of power and feeds on 18liters of petrol in about 1 hr of continues flying.

The vehicle requires atleast 300metres of runway to attain a takeoff speed of 200kmph. Moreover the flying car can cruise at a speed of 190kmph in the air. The car just weighs around 1100kgs and can hold more 200kgs as passenger and the weight of their utilities.

The car is full of transformation kinda tech’s which helps it to get converted in an actual car from a flying plane.

The vehicle is composed of some advanced and never seen before features such as retractable wings and tail, parachute deployment system etc. As of now Klein Vision’s prototype has completed 142 successful attempts of landings. Moreover the aircraft has been cruised at a height of 8200 feet with a speed more than 185kmph.

The vehicle in its conversion process from a plane to a normal car takes around 3 minutes to fold its retractable wings and the tail transforming it to a sub compact normal car.


Now, there are rumors that there can be a next prototype version with a more powerful engine of around 300PS which can significantly increase its cruising speed. But for now this is a good approach and same like my other blogs on these tech’s I would say it’s not important that these attempts are successful or not but the important thing about them is atleast someone is trying to work on them.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from official Klein Vision’s website and YouTube channel.

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