Review Series#9; Land Rover Defender


In February 2021, Land Rover launched its next powerful SUV, namely Land Rover Defender. The vehicle is a full-sized 4×4 SUV made for all types of terrain. Moreover, it’s a well-contained mixture of technology and performance as on one hand it’s full of technological equipment and on the other, it’s powered by its 2.0L and 3.0L petrol and diesel motors.

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On the Point

Engine and Spec’s

Currently, land Rover offers Defender in 2 body styles, 4 models, 3 engines, and 2 specifications. Talking mainly about its engine options, Defender features 2 petrol and 2 diesel engine configuration. A 2.0L and 3.0L engine configuration are available in petrol with 1997cc of displacement in 2.0L and 2996cc in 3.0L. A 2.0L petrol engine produces a maximum torque of 400Nm@1500-4000rpm and power of 296.3bhp@5500rpm while the 3.0L produces a maximum torque of 550Nm@2000-5000rpm with the power of 394.26bhp@5500-6500rpm.

In Diesel, Land Rover offers only 3.0L (2996cc and 2995cc) of the engine which is capable of producing a power of 296.36bhp@4000rpm and torque of 650nm@1500-2500rpm. Moreover, all the engine configurations offer AWD (All-wheel drive) capability and are only available in automatic transmission.

For more Spec’s refer to the Quick spec sheet!


Defender features almost all the things inside it probably what an SUV needs. Right from the front compartment which is equipped with finely designed leather premium seats with electronic adjusts along with the headrests. Moreover, the doors are equipped with the opening safety warning as well. The defender also features a lot of handles in the front mostly which are on the dashboard and can also be used as a storage space as well. In the central area between the two front seats, you can get a lot of charging options including 1 USB type C, 1 normal USB, one 12 volt charging socket, and a wireless charging dock as well. Below the center armrest, there exists a cooling function probably for storing drinks and stuffs like that.

More on to the technology, the Defender gets a dedicated IRVM camera placed at the backside of the shark-fin antenna which provides a clear view if someone has placed a bag or something near the rear windshield. Moreover, Defender features an infotainment system well equipped with all types of connectivities of course but the party trick is that the screen or the infotainment display is just like a tab, I mean you can keep your stuff behind the screen. Also, there is one more screen panel in the instrument cluster that provides basic information about the car along with the speedometer and tachometer.

Coming at the rear, first and foremost there are lots of charging sockets available. Also, for rear passengers, the backside of the front seats is equipped with a tab or a mobile holder. Moreover for the third-row passengers an extra dedicated top window or something like that I give which reminds you of the feeling of safari.

However, the third seats are completely useless even for children but can be used for your pets as there is no legroom on offer for the third-row passengers.

Coming on to the boot, it’s around 180L – 231L with the third-row seats open, and lots of storage options are present there too. The party trick in the boot is that a dedicated switch to lower the boot’s height is given, so you can easily place your luggage in it. Moreover, the fifth door opens sideways and is equipped with a full-sized alloy wheel same as the one seen on the car, so it means no cost-cutting.

One thing which I have just missed is that the car is equipped with a panoramic sunroof which doesn’t open full but still provides an airy feeling in the cabin to passengers. Moreover, the roof is designed in such a way that it can hold up to 300kgs! of weight above it when the vehicle is in a stationary position. This means you can literally climb on it with your friends!


Well, to be honest without wasting time on my words the car is worth every single penny and there should not be any other option with it. The vehicle is best suitable for offroads mainly with every capability in it. Thus, there’s no need to even look for anyone if your budget allows buying it. It’s an unrivaled Winner!

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Land Rover website.

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