Review Series#8; Citroen C5 Aircross


On April 7, 2021, Citroen launched its first vehicle in India i.e. C5 Aircross. The car is believed to be the complete competitor of the Jeep Compass which is under great hype at that time. Citroen also launched many campaigns and had given the car to almost all reviewers to promote the vehicle. However, after all these efforts C5 Aircross can’t touch the sales figure of Jeep Compass.  

So let’s begin with the next blog of the Let’s Review Series.

On the Point

Engine and Spec’s

Citroen’s C5 Aircross features a DW10FC 2.0L diesel engine having a displacement of 1997cc with 4 cylinders. The engine is capable of producing a power of about 177PS (130kW)@3750rpm while the maximum torque is about 400Nm@2000rpm. The claimed fuel efficiency of this diesel engine is about 18.6kmpl. C5 Aircross supports transmission of 8 speeds automatic.

Refer to the quick Spec sheet for more:



On the front C5 features normal sized grill connected by the headlamps. Above that there’s a huge logo extending with the chrome treatment till the LED DRL’s. However, there are two fake aerodynamics cut out’s on the sides of the front bumper.


On the rear Citroen features LED tail lamps. However, the indicator lights and the reverse parking lights are still halogens. In the center, there’s a huge Citroen logo. In the rear to the car features two fake exhausts and two fake aerodynamic creases running at the bottom and the other on the side of the vehicle.


On the side, Citroen much looks like the Jeep Compass with the diamond cut alloy wheels and once again some fake exhaust-like design below the doors. Moreover, the car looks kinda sportier with its black roof and with some glossy black designs too.


No doubt Citroen has designed the interiors for Indian conditions, talking about the rear seats first Citroen features three dedicated rear seats with a 33% split ratio of each. The seats have a dedicated headrest too. Moreover, all the seats in C5 follow some pebble-like stitching pattern which aids in extra comfort.

Following the dashboard; to be honest, there are hard plastics but still, it feels of high quality, everything is nicely designed in the C5 right from its chrome treatment to its intelligent storage spaces like other French manufacturers. Citroen C5 also features dedicated LED lights for the seat belt reminders just above the IRVM. Moreover, the sunroof also opens wide enough and is panoramic as well.


Okay! Like just any other car Citroen also features its main and unique capability which is its comfort technology. C5 Aircross features ‘Macpherson Strut Suspension With Double Progressive Hydraulic Cushions ® – Compression And Rebound’ suspension in the front and for the rear it is ‘Twist Beam Axle With Single Progressive Hydraulic Cushions ® – Compression’ suspension. The two are absolute partners to provide absolute comfort even in long drives. Moreover, the seats are made in such a way that the first cushion used is soft and the second the one just below it is of hard type; these two provide super comfort in long driving.

Above that, the car just like any other car features many connectivity technologies as normal. It consists of an infotainment system with apple car play and android connectivity. Apart from this, it also features a full-screen instrument cluster panel with graphic integration the best of its kind.


Well, Citroen planned quite well for the Indian market but also made some mistakes too which are listed as under:

  • Only Diesel Engine options: Citroen C5 Aircross only features a 2.0L diesel engine which somehow cuts its petrol customers. Moreover, these days most cars are available only petrol as it is cleaner fuel but Citroen no one knows why only opted for diesel engine.
  • High Pricing: As it is a competitor of Jeep Compass the pricing of C5 Aircross is above 30lakhs but still it doesn’t worth it. I mean people can worth it for paying Jeep Compass as it is a legendary brand which had proven itself in many countries and of course India too but companies like Citroen; people don’t know about will hardly invest their money on the C5 Aircross.
  • 4×4: Jeep Compass which is Citroen’s hard competitor is available with 4×4 capabilities which absolutely get an edge over C5 Aircross. This also cuts the customers of C5 Aircross which are opting for 4×4 capabilities.


Well, if you had decided and if you love this vehicle then no one can stop you from purchasing it but still as a car reviewer in my opinion Jeep Compass is a far better option than this. As in Jeep, you are paying for a proven capability, legendary brand. And if you are opting for petrol or looking for a 4×4 then this car is not meant for you. Anyways, if you are having any suggestions on this do comment us in the section below.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Citroen website.

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