Let’s Talk#6; What Technologies do Lexus owns?


In this world like this which is now full of technological advancements and especially in the automobile sectors where there are new technologies coming every year including Regenerative Braking, EV’s etc. A new technology was also existed before which was primarily bought down by Lexus in India. So what does that really mean, what is their future? Well, this Let’s Talk Series is all about the technologies which are still hidden.

On the Point

To be honest as it’s a Let’s talk series I was just reading the Lexus brochures a day before writing this blog and what I observed was that Lexus owns many technologies in India which we even can’t think off. Moreover, by reading about those technologies I just realized that our future in automobile industry just started even in India too.

Some of its technologies which just blown up my mind are as under;

VDIM, LDH, EPS with Integrated active steering control: Starting with VDIM it’s a software control system developed by Toyota (parent company of Lexus) to enhance vehicle stability. VDIS stands for Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management. VDIM combines with engine, steering, braking etc. along with EPS and LDH.

Here, EPS stands for Electronic power steering which is a highly valuable technology meant only for some unique automated vehicles such as Lexus. In EPS an electric motor is integrated with the steering wheel which provides optional assist while driving and also aids in feel and feedback.

Taking LDH in consideration, it stands for Lexus Dynamic Handling which provides extra stability in 4 wheel driving and controls even the rear wheels providing extra stability feel and feedback to the vehicle.

Multi Material body: Lexus cars are made with different elements in order to ensure body rigidity, light weight, and safety. Under the Technology high tensile steel is used to manufacture rockers, pillars and roof. The hood, trunk lid, fenders, doors and the suspension towers are made up of aluminum to lower the center of gravity as claimed by the manufacturer.

Adaptive variable Suspension System (AVS): AVS controls the damping forces and schedules it with the vehicles speed which allows the vehicle to be stable at high speeds and enhances the comfort level even at lower speeds.

Remote touch interference: Almost all Lexus vehicles feature the Remote touch interference like a track pad on a laptop, enabling easy controlling of the infotainment display.

Wide angle cornering lamps: Cornering lamps provides illumination while parking and even in sharp cornering turns. It enables the driver to avoid collision even on the roads with no lights.

Why still hidden?

Well as we all know Lexus and other luxury car makers don’t advertise much and that’s the first reason why we all don’t know about these technologies. Moreover, in my opinion this also due to Lexus and other brands of this type only advertise their main and more advance technologies such as Self Charging Hybrid technology. And these technologies can be known at the time when a customer buys a new Lexus.


Ending up with the conclusion, the summary of this blog tells us that India is not that much advance in terms of technology as compared to other countries. Some of the technologies mentioned above are invented by Lexus in around 2013 and still now we don’t know about them this only because Indian’s are lagging in knowledge. They don’t know about what technologies are there in the world and how much they have developed. Well, these are all thoughts of mine if I had missed something do comment me down below.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from official Lexus website.

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