What will happen with Ford customers??


On 9th of September, 2021 Ford has officially declared that it will be shutting its two major plants i.e. at Sanand at Q4 this year and the one at Chennai on the end of 2022. Well, if you don’t know what’s actually happening with Ford India past few days click here.

However, Ford has also declared that it will provide the same existing service to the customers as before and will sell the vehicles till the stock last. But the question which arises now is will the existing Ford customers will actually get the same services as before?


Well, to answer this question let’s get back into the history, remember when General Motors (GM) left India in around 2017 with its brand name as Chevrolet. Now, there’s no news of their service plants their workshops, their spare parts supplier etc. Does that mean there’s no Chevrolet car on the road right now? The answer to this is a big No! There are still some Chevrolet cars on the road. But the condition and actual truth with them is no one cares about their services and more. However, they can get local or used spare parts from local repair shops but they’ll hardly get genuine Chevrolet parts for their vehicles.

Coming on to another company which left India in 2019 i.e. Fiat; a car manufacturer on which people in India once trusted a lot. Fiat vehicles are much remembered by their engines due to which they obtained trust from Indian customers. But what happened then? Fiat stopped manufacturing their vehicles and stopped their all time series of Linea and Punto in around 2019. And now the practicality is that hardly some of the people in India can locate their workshops or service centers. Moreover genuine spare parts are hardly available for Fiat owners.

Where the Problem actually exist?

Actually the problems exist under the headings as listed under:

  • Genuine Service dealers: The main cause of the problem starts with the genuine service dealer, as soon as the company declares to shut down their production the dealers starts to just sell off their vehicles ASAP and quickly finds some other manufacturer to settle a new partnership with them.
  • No place for complaints: When the MNC’s decides to leave a particular company they often promise for the same services as before for their customers but they don’t set up an administration or something like that! To enable their customers to complain about any dealer which is not providing a part or denying for the services or the services are not available in a particular area or region. 


Well, there are two aspects under this one from seeing the past history and one in my knowledge, the one which history suggests is that customers will face some problems after 3-4 years when the ford will leave. But from my knowledge, the history contains only those manufacturer’s which had very small business established in India. I mean those manufacturers such as Chevrolet and Fiat don’t have many customers. Moreover, their image was not same as that of Ford which has sold quite a lot of vehicles in India such as the Ecosport and the Endeavour. So at last in my knowledge companies like Ford will provide the same facilities till 5 years after they stop their production completely and even after that (I think).

Comment me what’s your view regarding causes of this problem.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Ford’s official website.

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