Why S-Cross failed to grab Indian Customers?


From the launch in 2015 S-Cross was in a great hype by the Maruti Suzuki motors. It was made popular on some of its unique capabilities available at that time like the rain sensing wipers, projector headlamps etc. But nothing was successful from its 1st generation it failed to attract Indian customers. Although, it was the most powerful vehicle launched by Maruti Suzuki in India with its 1.6L DDiS 320 diesel engine but still it was not recognized by anyone. After that Maruti decided to launch its facelift in India which is kinda a profitable deal as compared to previously but still it wasn’t able to compete with other Maruti cars and even get failed in its competition.

On the Point

On August 5, 2021 Maruti Suzuki relaunched S-Cross and this time it was not its facelift version rather the major upgrade was with its engine now the new S-Cross comes with only K15B smart hybrid petrol motor which produces a power of around 77kW@6000rpm and torque around 138Nm@4400rpm. But, after all these enhancements S-Cross still failed to grab a position like other Maruti cars in the Indian market. In my opinion this is due to some reasons as mentioned under:

Reasons of failures:

  • No extra Technological features: The main problem with Maruti Suzuki is now that they keep their cars quite simple, which was a good thing few years back but now market has changed customers have evolved. Moreover, competition by German car manufacturers also made the customers to demand more features. The next generation of S-Cross still misses the popular features nowadays such as ventilated seats which can be seen now in hatchbacks too! (BTW if you are looking for budget hatchbacks in India Click here).
  • No Sunroof: Well don’t blame me, as I have mentioned this point separately but it is the most common feature nowadays on every car. And talking about S-Cross, every car in this segment features a sunroof. But still Maruti Suzuki failed to analyze this.
  • No Engine options: the new S-Cross only features one single engine option i.e. the K15B petrol hybrid motor and none other choice is given to the customers of S-Cross.
  • Competition is more valued: S-cross comes under a segment which has more competition nowadays. And the competition is quite more valuable than the S-Cross in many terms such as the bold looks, better aftersales service, better claims better engine options etc.


All Cars in Nexa except XL6 and S-Cross has made a remarkable position in the Indian market. And I respect the technical people who selects a vehicle for India from Maruti but in this case they need to revise their vehicles in the Indian market as if are they providing a value for money in the same segment or not?

Comment me what do you think about the S-Cross.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Maruti Suzuki website.

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