Review Series#5; Jeep Compass


Jeep Compass was launched on 12th April 2017 in India and from starting it has attracted a lot of customers on its way and made Jeep to be recognized in India. The second the generation of Jeep Compass was launched in February 2021 and had included minor improvements in its design language and the major one in the features it offers in the segment. And before continuing welcome to this next blog of Let’s Review Series.

On the Point                                                                                    

Jeep Compass offered in only two engine options i.e., 2.0L Multijet Twin Turbo Diesel and a 1.4L Multiair Petrol Engine. The first one with 2.0L produces around 170HP with a torque of 350Nm. The second one with 1.4L produces around 160HP with a Torque of 250Nm. Moreover, Jeep Compass also features 9 Speed Automatic Gearbox in 2.0L Diesel option. The claimed mileage happens to be from 14.1kmpl to 17.1kmpl.

Moreover, in the diesel variant which is the 2.0L Multijet twin Turbo gets the 4 wheel drive capability making it ore convenient on off road conditions.

For more specs refer to the Quicks specs sheet as under:


With Exteriors

Starting off with the front, the facelifted version of Jeep Compass features that 7 flagged grilles at the front in the center of which the front parking camera has been placed. The Headlamps are all LED units including the fog lamps and the projector headlamps setup. Moreover, Compass also features a breathing grille between the hood front grille and the bumper for air intake. The bumper is also nicely designed and features air curtains as well.

The side profile is more or less the same as of the previous generation with similar dual tone gradient on offer. Moreover, the alloy wheels this time actually develops the presence of the vehicle as the alloy wheels are too finished in silver and gloss black finish. Under the ORVM’s a camera is placed which basically aids in 360 degrees parking view of the vehicle.

The rear side of the vehicle is all new in the facelift version of this Jeep, with the taillamps happens to be LED units this time. The rear bumper gets the rear fog lamps too. Moreover, there is no fake exhaust on offer which really shows how real the vehicle is actually.

With Interiors

The dashboard inside is actually all finished in black which enhances the premium appeal of this vehicle. The console also contains a 10-inch U connect infotainment system which features all connectivities including Apple Car play and Android Auto. The central console has decent amount of storage space on offer along with twin cup holders, space under the front armrest, dedicated space for the key and a wireless charger along with standard 12V charging sockets.

On to the driver’s side, the seat is 8 ways adjustable with 4-way power lumbar support along with this both the front seats get the ventilation function which turns on automatically when the temperature goes above 26.5 degree Celsius.

The instrument cluster is all digital and integrated with graphics, moreover lots of attention to details has been given to the it while using almost every feature of it.

The steering wheel is nice to hold and the leather is stitched with white color in it. The steering wheel also contains controls for that instrument cluster along with the cruise control system. The wipers are all automatic with lots of spray on offer. The sunroof is also of decent size and the response is very quick.

The rear compartment is more or less the same as the previous generation with one liter bottle holders on the door pockets. Also, it has a rear AC vent, standard charging sockets, central armrest with twin cup holders and two adjustable headrests. The seats are really comfortable on this vehicle with decent quality of kneeroom, headroom and under thigh support on offer. The floor is almost flat and the seats can be splitted in the ratio of 60:40.

The boot space is large enough with the volume of 438L along with vanity lamps. Also, the lid is all electric and responds quick as well.


With the brand name, Compass is a quite good SUV, it is unrivalled for the features it provides in this segment. But some of the problems which its existing customers are facing are as under:

  • Fuel Economy: Fuel economy is quite low as compared to the Engine’s offered by other manufacturers.
  • Technology: What Jeep Compass claims about its technologies has an opposite action on its customers, its technologies such as the Jeep life app, Carplay, Parking camera are not working upto the Jeep’s mark.


Well talking about the brand name i.e. Jeep, no other company can provide this amount of quality at this price point. Jeep’s Engine are the best in this price point, its build is just tremendous no comparison can be made. So if you are having a budget to buy this one just go for it then. But if your budget is quite low and you want a reasonable SUV, sorry but this isn’t meant for you.

Moreover, this time in my opinion the major drawback which is behaving as an obstacle in the sales of Jeep Compass is its heavy pricing the top model of Jeep Compass goes upto Rs. 35lakhs. This is the main reason the customers are not preferring it.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from Jeep’s official website.

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