Let’s Talk#5 Hydrogen fuel Cell; Is it the Future?


As we all know the era of CI engine fitted vehicles will be ending soon. So, there is a need of alternatives which can be used in place of fossil fuels to run the vehicles. E-vehicles was the first way to solve this problem, but later on it was observed that even after the advancement in technologies EV’s need’s time to get charged. So, the problem again aroused and finally the solution is the Hydrogen fuel cell in which the hydrogen gas needs to be filled just as fuel and Hence, it will take less time to get recharged. So before begining welcome to next blog of Let’s Talk Series.

On the Point

**Need for Hydrogen fuel cell

Well to find alternatives in place if petrol or diesel there is a need to look for modern methods such as a pure electric or a Hydrogen fuel cell oriented vehicle. But the main reasons why we need hydrogen fuel cells are:

  • Hydrogen gas is abundant in nature and it is a renewable resource.
  • Fill’s just as fuel and hence, takes less time to get recharged.
  • Only water gets liberated as a byproduct during the whole reaction.


To understand the working of hydrogen fuel cell, ne must need to understand the working of an EV. Just as a battery the Hydrogen fuel cell can be used to generate power but the only difference is that unlike batteries Hydrogen fuel cell needs a continues disrupted hydrogen gas as a fuel supply.

A fuel cell is mainly composed of two terminals namely Anode (Negative) and cathode (Positive). Hydrogen gas is supplied to the anode terminal and air is supplied to the negative terminal. Also, hydrogen fuel cells consists of a catalyst which is present at the anode terminal which divides hydrogen molecule into electron and protons. Further, the electrons take the external path to reach the cathode terminal and the proton flows through the electrolyte present between the terminals to the cathode terminal. At the cathode terminal, protons and electrons unite as a result of which heat and water gets liberated.

Well the main working ends up here but further more there are special parts of the fuel cells which enables the above working to happen:

**Parts of Fuel Cells

The parts which constitute a fuel cell and are responsible for its working with their small description are as follow:

  • Catalyst Layers: This layer is added on both sides of the terminals and consists of fine nanometer sized platinum present on the high surface area carbon. The Platinum in its turn supports many tasks as; on the anode side it aids in the splitting of hydrogen molecule into electron and protons. Further, on the cathode side platinum catalyst allows oxygen reduction to produce water with the help of protons.
  • Polymer Electrolyte Membrane: PEM layer acts as a permit between the cathode and anode terminals and allows only permitted ion particles through it. PEM is also known as Proton exchange membrane.
  • Gas Diffusion layers: Gas diffusion layer is situated outside the catalyst layer and allows the reactants to be transported. The GDL is primarily made up of carbon paper. Moreover, Carbon paper consist of carbon fibres which are coated by PTFE (PolyTetra Fluoro Ethylene) GDL mainly serves for the purpose of diffusion of gases.

Which companies are really working on it?

As the technology is highly useful but the main problem is that Hydrogen being a gaseous substance, therefore it needs special attention in its filling, and its tank etc. as there’s much risk of explosion. Thinking of this it is much harder to build a hydrogen fuel cell working daily life model. Automobile manufacturers such as Toyota and Maruti Suzuki were the initial brands working on it in Japan. As a result of which Toyota launched their first PHEV vehicle i.e. Mirai which was first unveiled by Toyota on November 2014 at the Los Angeles Auto Expo. Moreover, recently Hyundai also unveiled their Fuel cell oriented sports car named as Vision FK.


Well, no one knows when this technologies will be offered in real time market or when the people will start to trust on them or will it be successful or not but the most important thing in my opinion is that atleast we are trying to look for alternatives for petroleum and diesel. And it’s true someday we’ll get evolved.

Comment me what do you think about the future of Hydrogen fuel cell oriented vehicles.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from official Toyota’s website.

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