All you need to know about XL7 and how is it different from XL6?


Recently, at the Auto expo in Indonesia Maruti Suzuki unveiled the successor of XL6 i.e. XL7. The Japanese car manufacturer is now focusing on MPV segment right after their Ertiga which is a successful MPV in Indian market. After Indonesia there are rumors that Maruti Suzuki is planning to launch their XL7 in Indian market too. But the question is what makes XL7 different from its precedor XL6. Well, the article is all about this.

On the Point

After not getting that much success from XL6 in the Indian market, there are rumors that Maruti can launch their XL7 in India too. And the major differences between the two MPV’s are:


From exterior XL7 haven’t changed much the only difference created is now its more bold with little bit different black front grill. The Headlamps are LED this time. Also, the rear lights are refined this time with LED advancement.


The interior features the same leather captain seats which were there in XL6. But this time the instrument cluster is digital and more advanced this time. Moreover, XL7 will feature new touchscreen multimedia display referred as ‘Touch panel audio system’ Maruti calls it. Along with this XL7 also features D shaped steering wheel, some new accents on the dashboard and much more.

**Engine and Spec’s

This time also like XL6, XL7 will feature the same K15B petrol motor which can even work with hybrid technology ‘Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki’ Suzuki calls it.

Along with all this XL7 will be based on HEARTECT platform. Moreover this time Maruti Suzuki is claiming that XL7 features Pedestrian injury mitigation in which the bonnet, front bumper and other parts can absorb the impact in the situation of collision with the pedestrian.


With some new tech’s, new looks, luxurious leather coated interiors this time in my opinion XL7 will get its much awaited position in the Indian market. But till now no official update had been made by Maruti Suzuki about XL7. And if you wanna know more about why XL6 failed to be recognized in Indian market you can check out the link below:

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Global Suzuki website.

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