Prototype Vision#1; Renault Morphoz


Renault Morphoz is an electric car presented by Renault in March 2020. Basically, it is an overall package for sustainable future. It combines its modular interior that cannot be expected by anyone before seeing this beast. Moreover, the exteriors are the combination of future plus electric.

Modular Interiors

*Starting from steering wheel, Morphoz features a 10.2inch in-steering  wheel display which provides necessary safety informations etc.

*Moving up on Dashboard, Morphoz’s dashboard will make you go crazy, as it features a retractable livingscreen panel which provides information about the multimedia, outside temperature, tpms etc.

*Heading up on the seats Morphoz features Harmon Cardon seats which can swivel for passenger to make passengers feel like they are actually in living room.

* The central area is occupied between the four seats is occupied by another touchscreen panel which gives necessary information as well as features some games and entertainment for the passengers.

Extendable Electric Vehicle

* The vehicle in its original size is 4.4 metres long and is powered by a 40kWh battery which gives the eSUV a range of 400km.

Morphoz features a travel mode which actually makes the car longer by 0.4 metres. The extended space is used to fit another 50kWh battery pack which increases the range upto 700km.

Advantages of Extension

The extension provides bigger boot space.

It makes the front and rear compartments longer resulting in increased comfort.

Because of the extension it is possible to fit another battery pack under the hood of the eSUV.


Morphoz features a C-shaped induction charger which charges the 40kWh inbuilt battery in just few hours.

Autonomous driving

The eSUV has got another feature of autonomous driving in which the driver will be able to put the car on Autopilot mode in which the vehicle will make his own decisions and follow the defined and authorized roads.

What’s the Idea?

The whole idea was to make the car futuristic which can be done only when it have certain unique elements. The additional 50kWh battery pack can be put inside the car by a platform in which the car will come and extend making the space for the battery pack. The process will be finished in just few seconds and increases the range of the eSUV by 300km more.

But why still a prototype?

The unique feature and concept of extendable eSUV given the car a tag of futuristic car but at the same time has taken the ability from the manufacturers to make the car enter in the market at present. The present infrastructure don’t support these cars i.e. Firstly, we are already lagging in the number of charging stations for eVehicles, Moreover, this car needs a special platform on which that 50kWh battery pack be installed in it. All these factors made this car to call just a concept. The only thing that this vehicle want now is the investment of time to make the world prepared for these types of vehicles.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official Renault website.

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