Looking for Budget 4×4 segment??


In certain hilly or mountainous regions there are requirements for 4×4 SUV segment. Also, some people have a passion to own a 4×4 vehicle; well this blog is all about that. We’ve picked up some of the budget 4×4 vehicles which will not only fits in your budget but also got have got the same premium 4×4 SUV power.

Minimum Requirements

 The minimum conditions or requirements on which the vehicles included below selected are:

  • Pricing should be around 15lacs.
  • Equipped with modern technologies like TPMS, android auto and apple car play etc.
  • Minimum engine of about 1500cc.

On the point

The 5 best budgets 4×4 are as follows:

Starting with Mahindra:

  • Mahindra Thar: Well, this is a ‘No second option after this’ deal. The best budget 4×4 jeep available in India is the Mahindra Thar. It has got mHawk 2184cc diesel engine producing a maximum power of about 97kW@3750rpm with a maximum torque of about 300Nm@166-2800rpm.

Due to these capabilities it is a better option especially for offroading.

Moreover the vehicle is equipped with every latest driver aided technologies such as rear assist parking cameras, outside temperature sensing tech’s etc.

The price range is from 12.78lakh – 14.88lakh (2021 ex-showroom)

  • Mahindra Scorpio: A car which has a major share of Mahindra in India. The Scorpio has a big market as compared to other cars of Mahindra. It is powered by mHawk CRDi 4 cylinder 2179cc of engine with a maximum power output of about 102kW@3750rpm and a maximum torque of about 319Nm@1500-2800rpm.

The price range is from 12.59lakhs – 17.39lakhs (2021 ex- showroom).

  • Mahindra Bolero: Bolero is one of the unique and traditional cars of Mahindra and for India too. Right from 2000 Mahindra bolero has made a space in the mind of Indian customers with its power and torque outputs with afcourse its 4×4 capability.

The vehicle is powered by a mHawk BSVI motor with an engine capacity of about 1498cc, delivering a maximum power of about 55.9kW@3600rpm and a torque of 210Nm@1600-2200rpm.

The price range is from 8.62lakhs – 9.63lakhs (2021 ex-showroom).

  • Renault Duster: Well it’s known as Renault has bought Duster in India but the reality was that duster has bought Renault to India. Duster is the car which had made Renault to grow in India and won a number of awards in SUV segment.

Renault Duster comes in two engine options a 1.3L and 1.5L Petrol engines with a maximum power output (for 1.5l) of about 106PS@5600rpm and torque of 142Nm@4000rpm.

However, its production will be stopped from December 2021 and there are rumors of the New Duster launched by the Romanian group Dacia (Dacia Duster).

The price range is from 9.84lakhs – 14.25lakhs (2021 ex-showroom).

  • Tata Safari Storme: Safari Storme is one of the traditional vehicles offered by Tata till now in India. Storme is powered by a 1956cc diesel motor with a maximum power output of about 125kW@3750rpm and a torque of 350Nm@1750-2500rpm.

The price range is from 10.97lakhs – 16.35lakhs (2021 ex-showroom).

Comment me what’s your view regarding these 4×4 segment SUV’s.

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Credits: All the images has been taken from Automobile Manufacturer’s official website.

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