Volkswagen and Tesla unites to lower import duties on EV’s

Recently, when Elon Musk tweeted that import prices are much higher in India, after that Tesla and Volkswagen united to lower the import prices in India. The second largest car manufacturer Volkswagen is much eager just as Tesla to launch their EV’s in the Indian market. Also, they are even aiming to beat Tesla by 2025 and for this they are investing millions in their business.

In an interview Gurpratap Boparai said ‘we shouldn’t be placing barriers as the market of EV’s is quite big enough for investments’. Moreover talking about the Indian government, the taxes for fully built imported cars are high as 100% but with the requests and appeals from various global automakers it will be a probability that these taxes will be striked to 40% as of now.

As many Automobile manufacturers are in favor for this appeal such as Hyundai motors and Mercedes Benz but the local or the domestic automakers such as Tata motors is in oppose of this with their statement that this will affect India’s local production.

Atlast, concluding with the Topic of Tesla motors in India; high import taxes are not only the main obstacle for Tesla to launch their EV’s in India there are certain much more issues the company will face before launching their cars to India the link for that blog is provided below.

Problems for Tesla in India (link)

Comment me what do you think about the import taxes on fully imported vehicle.

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of the respected Automobile manufacturer’s.

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