Let’s Talk#4 India Electrified! Really??


Well, a topic which is gaining much attention these days automobile manufacturers are launching their next gen EV’s to Indian market but the question is that are we really ready for it? Is it really reliable to buy an EV in the Indian market where there is almost no charging station at all?? Well Let’s Talk#4 is all about that.

On the Point


Suddenly around mid 2017 an Era of EV had started and was brought down by Kona from Hyundai. Well Kona was on the top most hype in the Indian automobile society but had failed. And this is the case we all know will happen to first fully electric reliable vehicle but atleast someone had started the revolution and thanks to Kona for that.

The revolution was carried all the way up by the newly launched company Morris Garages (MG) with their ZS EV this car was again on the great hype in the Indian automobile market as it was launched after MG Hector one of the reliable SUV vehicle from MG motors. But still can’t make it to attract its buyers but once again paved a way to continue this revolution.

*At Present

Now the situation is like that every company is launching their EV’s in India. Recently Tata motors came up with their Nexon EV and now with their Tigor EV (known as Xpress-T). With Tata pushing its boundaries in the EV segment other manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Tesla wants to enter Indian EV market.

With all advancements i.e. in range, the top speed, the minimum charging time, etc. EV’s are still not making it to the top such as the ones with Combustion Engine’s.

Still not Successful?

Well, certain reasons in my opinion which are behaving as an obstacle in the success of these EV’s in India are:

  • Charging Facilities: This is the one of the most important and foremost reason for the failure of EV’s in India. No charging facility is the first problem every Indian customer thinks about before buying an EV.
  • Road Conditions: The second problem is the road conditions. Although EV’s are capable enough to handle any road obstacle but in times of water logging there is a stereotype in the Indian customers that EV’s are not meant to handle it.

After all this the EV’s are still pushing in the Indian market and that’s because some of the factors:

Still Pushing in Indian Market!  

EV’s are still launching in India and that too on a large scale and that’s mainly due to some schemes and policies:

  • State Government policies for EV’s: Several Indian states namely 14 such as Kerala which is aiming 1 million EV’s on the road by 2022 and by 2025 6000 e-Buses and states like Andhra Pradesh is providing exemption in road tax and registration fees to the EV customers.
  • Production linked scheme (PLI): On November 11, 2020 PLI scheme was extended for 10 more production sectors including the Automobile industry. The scheme aims to provide financial aid to EV’s in India. The scheme mainly provides aiding in the battery sector of the EV under the section of ACC (Advanced Chemistry cell).

Will it be only EV’s in the Future?

The Government of India has confirmed that there will be no CI (Combustion engine) vehicles selling in India after 2030 which means no diesel and petrol cars after 2030. Well, this step alone is transforming the EV sector in India forcing Indian customers not to buy Diesel and Petrol vehicles rather go for the EV’s.

Well no one knows exactly that there will only be EV’s in India by 2030 or the timeline will be extended but definitely after 20-30 years majority of the vehicles will be EV’s and no one can stop this, it’s the future of this world because not only CI vehicles creates pollution but also fossil fuel supply is limited and who knows it gets vanished in a year or two.

Comment me what do you think about the future of EV’s

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of the respected Automobile manufacturer’s.

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