Mahindra’s Chip Shortage!

Recently, few days ago there’s an official update from Mahindra to stop the production line for about a week due to semiconductors shortage. However, this will does not affect the production of the new Mahindra XUV7OO. The officials also declared that there will be an impact on profit and revenues of the company.

Chip shortage has not only worsened the situation in India but it has affected the automobile industry globally. Moreover, the pandemic has also extended this situation by shutting down all the chip production.

Talking about India, there are chances that the revenue and sales department of the Automobile industry will be damped by about 30% this festive season. But the good news is that there are predictions that this situation will be improved in the second half of this year.

Mahindra’s recently launched XUV7OO will not feature any impact on its production line. Moreover, Mahindra’s Tractors, tucks and other utility vehicles will not feature any significant effect.

Comment what do you think about this problem??

Credits: All the images has been taken from official Mahindra’s website.

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