Ever heard of Stratified Injection system?

The Stratified Injection System can be defined when a Stratified charge is sent into the cylinders of a Spark Ignition (SI) Engine rather than the homogeneous charge to achieve higher compression ratios and a healthy (less fuel and more air) air/fuel ratios. Higher compression ratios allow the engine to deliver more power from the same combustion cylinder. It also allows occupying the same combustion temperature and that too with less fuel. 

But why TFSI?

TFSI is a trademark under the Volkswagen group. Conventionally, the system is much accepted by the Volkswagen group of motors and because they used this system with their turbocharged engines, the TFSI name became popular which means “Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection System”.

Earlier Car manufacturer’s that came up with this tech.:


The Compound Vortex controlled Combustion (CVCC) engine is an internal combustion engine developed by Honda in early 1970’s and had given a place under the hoods of the cars such as Civic, Accord etc. The CVCC engine uses the basic principal of Stratified Injection system. Due to which the Cars occupied with this tech attracted a lot of customers.


Jaguar motors in something around 1980’s fitted V12 internal combustion engine under the hoods of XJ12 and XJS model’s which uses the same Stratified Injection system.


Volkswagen group of motors are well known for fitting their TFSI engine’s under the hood of their vehicles as well as in their premium segment Audi’s. TFSI system can be seen in the engines from 1.2 litres along with Turbocharging.

*Mercedes Benz   

Mercedes group has also developed its Blue Direct system which uses their 3.0L V-6 engines which uses the same application of Stratified Injection System.


Stratified injection system increases the compression ratios which in turn increases the power of the engine. Moreover, this increases the efficiency of the engine.


*The Stratified System however increases the efficiency but this leads the engine to emit more Nocontent in air.

*The components of the Stratified Injection system are expensive such as the injector.

*The system requires a gradual fuel input i.e. it requires higher fuel pressure.

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