Regenerative Braking System? Have you heard of it?

Regenerative braking is the system in which your car (at higher speed) when stopped due to an obstacle, its kinetic energy will be restored in the battery or utilized immediately. Well, the system is almost fitted in hybrid vehicles and the energy restored is given to the battery which is used to enhance the boost and this gives higher efficiency to the vehicle.

What’s Behind?

In the mechanism the traction motors are converted into the generator which converts the heat energy (while braking down the vehicle) back into the battery.

                  Due to the momentum of the vehicle the heat energy caused while braking, adversely can bring back the efficiency of the car. So, using this tech. along with Hybrid system gives a boost in efficiency of the vehicle.

What’s the need?

Well, there are number of instances when we have to apply brakes looking at our obstacles and every time the kinetic energy at higher speed gets wasted. In view of this there should be something which can save the energy in the form in which we can make use of it. That ‘something’ here is replaced by Regenerative braking which solved this problem.


In 1886 Frank J. Sprague invented Regenerative braking for his company namely “Sprague Electric Railway & Motor Company”. His idea to change the traction motors connections into electrical generators paved the way for regenerative braking.

Where the energy is stored?

Well, it completely depends upon the manufacturers and the type of vehicles.

*Some Micro Hybrid vehicles use this energy to charge the existing conventional batteries to use for the common purposes such as in head lights, turning on the engine. Moreover, this reduces the frequency of the alternator. 

*While some with Pure Hybrid system uses this energy to charge the battery (specially fitted for Hybrid System) they also provide certain enhancements in the acceleration.

*One more of a kind is the Pure Electric Vehicles (PEV); the energy here is stored in the main driving battery which powers the traction motors to pull the vehicles. In this there are two advantages Firstly, the battery is getting charged while driving and secondly, again it provides better acceleration.

Summing up!

Absolutely this technology is quite impressive in terms if you wanted a fuel efficient car, a better acceleration or in few cases wanted to decrease your PEV’s charging frequency. But one problem that changes the mind of an individual is its cost. The vehicles equipped with this tech are expensive than the normal one’s. And which is the only reason that there is less number of vehicles equipped with RBS on the roads. 

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