Let’s Talk #2 BMW’s i Series


First of all welcome to the new episode of Let’s Talk series. We’re gonna talk about BMW’s most exciting, most surprising, most futuristic series i.e. the I series which currently includes three cars in it namely i8, i3, iX. Well I don’t know if that ‘X’ stands for ‘Ten (10)’ or not do lemme know in the comment section. So lets begin with the very first:


Well the very first car of the series was the BMW’s i8 and literally, no one till now ever had created a tech like this. This is truly unrivaled kings which have its own unique qualities with no cars to compete.

Launched in 2014, this car features an engine of upto 1500cc of displacement producing a torque of about 320Nm and 369HP which powers the rear wheels making the car to achieve 0 – 60 km/hr in five seconds.

Another, Excellent feature of this car was its Plug in Hybrid tech which makes the car to run on electric along with the power from the engine. The electric power drives the front wheel and produces around 129HP which was further upgraded to 141HP. Along with this it also produces 250Nm of torque, resulting in tremendous amount of acceleration. With only batteries the car can go upto a range of 50km.

With all these BMW made the car super light weight by using carbon fibre as its body which is combined with aluminum chassis to make the car lightweight just as perfection.

Not only this, the design was so unique that this car has two doors both of which are butterfly. The detailing was so unique that everything has included in this package for example it offers hood vents to cool down the batteries which also looks fabulous.


Well this car isn’t launched in India but in other countries it’s a great deal! In short it’s an eco – friendly city hatchback. The car is totally electric in other countries but in India it is expected that it would be launched with petrol 647cc of Engine.

Talking about the car’s specs; BMW i3 features a 42kWh high voltage Li – ion battery which produces about 168HP and 110Nm of torque. Resulting in 0 – 100kmph in 7.2 seconds which is quite amazing I would say! The car reaches the top speed of about 150kmph with a range of 246km. The battery needs to be charged for 6 hrs with a standard charger to cover a full range.

The car has again made up of carbon fibre and has plenty of premiums BMW’s features such as BMW’s LED head lamps, three stages heated front seats etc.

iX Vision

Well this is seriously a Vision for India and for some countries it’s a reality now! In short, it’s a future which has striked us in present. This is the most advance luxury SUV one has ever seen!

The car is all electric and has 76.6Kwh lithium ion batteries which can produce a power output of about 326HP and a torque of 326Nm. The Electric motor pull the car in an insane way that it goes to a top speed of about 200kmph and produces and acceleration from 0 to 100kmph in 6.1 seconds which is seriously insane. The WLTP range differs from 395 km to 413km. Moreover, the DC fast charging makes the car capable to charge from 10% to 80% in about 31 minutes.

Comment me down what’s your views regarding the I Series.

Meanwhile me: Waiting for your Responses…

Credits: All the images has been taken from BMW’s Official Website.

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