Ever heard about Micro Hybrid?

Heard of Micro Hybrid? It’s a tech which stops/kills the engine when not used in a certain period of time and starts it when the driver presses the clutch/accelerator.  Now, cars with this tech. are fitted with a deep cycle battery which on signal from the clutch/accelerator starts the Engine. Different car manufacturers use different Techniques to work this out.

                          Mahindra Scorpio was the first one with this tech. to hit the Indian market with it’s uniquely called-“Micro Hybrid” tech. It also uses the same deep cycle battery rated as 14V which on signal turns the engine on.

What’s the need?

Since, it kills the engine which means to stop the engine to waste fuel when idle, this helps to conserve fuel, reduce pollution etc. Basically, this tech. was designed to conserve fuel especially in traffic jams. This tech. can work especially in countries such as Russia, India, and Brazil etc where there are lots of traffic jams and often people forget to turn off their engine.

 Need to buy the Micro hybrid equipped cars?

Well, this completely depends upon an individual, his needs, areas in which he/she is living, the traffic conditions there. But one should not forget the cars equipped with Micro Hybrid tech. are expensive than the normal one!

So, it means that if you love your environment and want to save your fuel (which ultimately saves your money) then you should go for one of these.

Can you turn it off?

Well it completely depends upon the car manufacturers, some of they don’t allow the users to turn off this system such as the cars Mazda, Subaru etc. But some like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra etc. allows the user to control this system in cars such as Ciaz, Ertiga, and Scorpio etc.

Sacred: In my opinions one should go for these cars instead of the normal one as we can reduce pollution through this. But the cost factor always tries to change our mind’s. 

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