Dacia Duster: Is the new Renault Duster coming?


Renault’s sub brand Dacia which is a Romanian group has a new Duster. As of now most of the cars from Renault in India has been launched with exactly same design and configurations as its sub brand Dacia owns. The cars which are launched by Dacia and which were launched by Renault in India are Lodgy, Sandero etc.

On the Point

Now Since, Dacia has its new Duster so; there are expectations that this could be the new Renault Duster which could be launched in India by 2023 – 2024. Duster which bought Renault in India, if it gets an update now; then this will grow Renault in India by a considerable amount.


Talking about the car and first looking over its Engine or instead Engines Renault can bring Duster in 6 different Engine options 3 Petrol, 2 Diesel, 1 Bi – fuel. Further, more in Petrol, Diesel variants have different Engines too.

TCe 4×2 (999cc)Blue dCi 115 4×2 (1461cc)TCe 100 4×2 Bi-Fuel (999cc)
TCe 130 4×2 (1330cc)Blue dCi 115 4×4 (1461cc) 
TCe 150 4×2 (1330cc)  

Along with these engine configurations the new Renault Duster will capable of producing a maximum power of 90HP and a torque output of about 160Nm. The new Duster weighs about (gross) 1.7 tons.

Features and Convenience

The new Duster will probably features key card entry system along with electric rear windows and leather wrapped steering wheel. Moreover, it will come with top of the line features such as Hill hold assist, Blind spot warning, in built three seats at the back, cruise control and speed limiter, etc.

Time for Conclusion

Well, Renault should really in need to launch some good cars which provide value for money in the Indian Market and also meet people’s expectations. On Sacred’s View the new Duster’s price range will go from 13.78lacs to 16.76lacs excluding all the taxes. Well, that’s for today hope you like it.

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Credits: All the Images has been taken from Official Dacia’s UK website.

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