All you need to know about Ola AirPro


After 6 years of Research and development Ola has finally developed its sustainable flying car named Ola AirPro. What the company claims about all its specs, its design, it’s built is just not more than a magic. Not only its flying capability but also its normal features will drive you crazy and if you enjoyed then just hit that like button!

What’s surprising?


Ola AirPro is equipped with a pre – charged Ethereum-ion battery which is further equipped with PuraCell battery technology; according to which it uses its own spent energy. And that is the reason behind why it never needs charging but only at the time of built. This means it needs to be charged once and you’ll get a range of infinity! Yes you heard it right!


Takeoff tech!

The AirPro is powered by a VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and landing) technology, which allows this machine to take off vertically.


AirPro uses many sensors, machine learning etc to navigate any obstacle in sky. The vehicle is fully autonomous with a built in Auto pilot mode which uses Artificial intelligence to communicate with the obstacles.


The company also claims that there is no need of license to drive this vehicle anyone can use it on the go.

*Ola’s Custom alloy

The body is made up of Ola’s specially designed custom alloy which is made up of titanium, carbon fibre which is used in F1 cars and jets. Moreover the body is designed in such a way that it will reduce vehicle’s drag and also aid in take off speeds. The company also claims that the vehicle is super light that one can even lift it with one hand!

*Terrace parking stations ‘Ola Hive’

Since, the car doesn’t need a runway or an airport. So the question arises that then where we can put it, or where do we make it land. Ola also has a solution for this: the company made a plan to make the car land on a hexagonal pad which are placed on the terrace of every tall building together they all will look like a hive, due to which Ola named it as Ola hive.


Well, to be honest I have no words regarding this tech. Suddenly, a tech which we can’t even think off has striked in that AirPro. We don’t know whether it will be successful or not but this will pave a way for more exciting flying stuff’s that will strike the existing tech in the near future.

Credits: All the images has been taken from Ola electric’s official YouTube channel.

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