Why XL6 failed to attract Indian Customers?

XL6 Launched on the 21st of August 2019 and is under the Maruti Suzuki brand XL6 haven’t made the mark of other MS vehicles. With its bold exteriors and classy, feature-contained interiors XL6 clearly provided a good Customer Experience. But some of the mistakes which made it fail like this are listed below:

Same Copied design

XL6 is fully based on Ertiga without its bolder looks, those side claddings, rectangle headlights, etc. Moreover, these things are not meant for a MUV which makes most of the market in cabs and taxis. And when a fully tested and successful product Ertiga is already there in the market then why would someone will run after those bold dark looks?

Over bold look in a MUV

Ertiga a well-known car of Maruti Suzuki sold off more than XL6 this is because it features and provides a decent exterior styled MUV which people do like in India especially MUV owners. Those smoked headlamps, black grill, bold looks made XL6 look tougher but haven’t attracted customers.

Absolutely Under-tyred

In a contest to make the car more attractive, Maruti has conversely made the car look under tire. The tyres chosen for XL6 are really smaller as compared to the segment and also the wheelbase with which it’s being offered.

Available only in Petrol variant

Yep, you heard it right a MUV which is available only in petrol variant hasn’t attracted the customers, especially those who want diesel options. Even it is available in hybrid option as it is powered by a k15B series petrol engine But Maruti’s diesel engine such as DDiS200, DDiS320 can still provide a cheaper alternative and made the MUV produce more torque.

Third Row seats

As expected the third-row seats are not meant for humans are is even lacking than the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. With poor under-thigh support, poor knee room, the seats are not meant for an adult at all. Renault Triber which happens to be very cheaper than the XL6 interestingly provides great comfort in the third-row seat as well which is again very disappointing regarding the XL6.


Considering the price point and the class of this vehicle Auto-dimming is a must feature and Maruti should have given this because the competition is very much far when compared in these matters.


Although the vehicle is running on the side and front impact compliance but Maruti has not given the option of 6 airbags in it which the competition has been providing for years ago. 


Well, it’s not a major reason but at the same time, it cannot be ignored that XL6 is expensive than Ertiga which made it lose its leftover popularity especially in the Indian market. No one in India will pay more for those bold looks especially when they have an alternative (Ertiga).

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Credits: All the images have been taken from the official website of Maruti Suzuki.

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