Let’s Talk #1

Tesla in India

Recently Madan Gowri tweeted Elon Musk to launch Tesla cars in India as soon as possible; to this Elon Musk replied that import duties are the highest in the world of any country. Moreover Tesla cars do not match with Indian Environmental goals. 

But high import taxes and not having efficient Indian environmental goals in India can be only obstacle to launch Tesla cars in India?

Well, there’s a lot to talk about this but to be clear and concise, I would these two are not the major problems for Tesla to come in India. There is lot more problems that anyone can’t think off to launch electric vehicles especially to countries like India:

  • Indian roads

The very first reason or obstacle is Indian roads which are not only for Tesla but also for sports car manufactures like Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. or the cars having lower ground clearance.

It’s not about ground clearance for Tesla; it’s about those sensors which makes the car drive autonomous. The damaged roads here can be an obstruction for these sensors making the car to stop frequently.

  • Inconsistency of Google maps

From not having the accurate GPS position to even some unmarked roads. In short, there is lot of accuracy problems with Google maps here in India and for a electric vehicle it is a lot more. And to fix these problems it requires a lot more time. Even the traffic conditions on Google map is pretty bad it keeps on showing traffic even if it is cleared half an hour ago.

  • Charging Facilities

Indian chargeable facilities are countable in number some states have it and some don’t even think about it. Moreover, fast charging facilities aren’t available on some current charging stations. And to build stations especially for company which is just entering the Indian market it is a way more difficult and expensive.

  • People’s stereotypes

People here in India don’t believe in autonomous vehicle till now rather they don’t believe in electric cars even which are quite a strange thing. And for sure this is the first thing to work on because if people won’t understand the significance of autonomous driving even about electric vehicle nothing the Google map, the charging stations facilities can do.

  • Affordability

Well this reason isn’t about the import duties if Tesla succeeds to configure the solution for import duties, then also the Indian economy is not that much strong which allows people to buy a Tesla. We all know that this reason will get its solution with time but for now it is also an important difficulty to sell their vehicles.

  • Conclusion

Yes, it’s important for everyone in India to change with the developing world but also its equally important that what you have to fight for to bring that change!

There are people who are interested in Tesla, who want to buy it the first day, But they always be in minority. And it’s not about Tesla, it’s not about that an autonomous driving capability it’s about every new technology which when steps in market is opposed by many. Remember the day when automatic transmissions, automatic parking came even these too haven’t got their full space in the society or rather in the world!

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