Hummer EV


On October 2020, GM revealed its first electric vehicle Hummer EV referred as HEV. It was launched on YouTube live stream as well as on their official website. The new Hummer EV is based on Hummer H2 and H3. The reveal was scheduled on may 20, 2020 but due to Covid – 19 Pandemic it was scheduled on 20th October.

On the Point

Well, the company’s sub brand is available in two variants, the very first is the SUV and the second one is the full sized Truck. The vehicle comes in three layouts i.e. the EV2, EV2x,EV3x. The first two EV2 and EV2x comes with a [power delivery of 625 HP. The third one i.e. EV3x comes with a power delivery of 830HP. However, there is an another version known as Edition 1 which is available only on pre-booking that comes with 1000HP (estimated). The car features a battery of about 200kWh Ultium powered Li-ion batteries which gives a range of upto 350mi or 560km (under ideal conditions). The whole body, motors, batteries, etc. are placed on GM BT1 Platform.

More into Trims

Edition 1

Well, it’s a trim available for pre orderer’s and is the only model available for the first year after the production line in 2022. This model is available in one color line i.e. white with a black roof and with bronze colored wheels.

It comes with a power delivery of about 1000HP and can go upto a range of 350 miles.  Through the leaks came across it will come in fully off road package including skid plates, rock sliders.]


This trim can produce a power of about 625HP and can go 300miles+. It comes with a four wheel drive including the top of the line features such as infinity roof, HD surround view, digital key etc which gives it extra off-roading capabilities. It’s expected availability is around in 2024.


This trim is kinda same as of EV2x and comes with a same 625Hp of power delivery and that 300miles+ range. It differs only as it has rear Wheel drive system which makes it less powerful in off roading situations.


With around 830HP of delivery and 300 miles+ range and with best in class luxurious features hummer EV3x will come in around 2022 in different color choices. The trim features three electric motors and ‘Watts to freedom’ system for a phenomenal acceleration.

What’s special?

Crab Walk

Hummer EV comes in three trims and class leading power outputs, class leading features but the special thing about it is that this car features a first in industry crab walk system which allows the car to move diagonally. Conventionally, making it easier in parallel parking situations and in different off roading conditions.

Extract mode

This technology that favors the SUV and Pickup trucks the most in the current scenario, Extract mode allows you to lift your vehicles about 6” allows you to simply skip the obstacles, water loggings etc. without any hassle. Thus, adding some extra nuts to off- roading!


With upto 18 cameras which allows you to see the terrain on the go. Additionally, it comes with a HD surround view that helps you to drive the vehicle in narrow roads, steep turns etc.

Credits: All the images has been taken grom GMC’s Official website and YouTube video.

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