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Hey, welcome to my blog post website, don’t let me introduce myself as your mentor or something nasty! Rather I can be your neighbourhood automobile enthusiast that just wanted to share his knowledge with you…

Well, It’s my daily target to produce atleast two quality blogs, But if I failed to do so just forgive me about that!

You can always contact me through my Mail, Quora, Tumblr or here in the comment section whichever you are comfortable in! And yeah do let me know what topics I missed in my blogs or what should I do to increase thequality of my content!

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Important Updates!

  • Most probabale blog timings Monday – Friday: 11AM, 2PM and 5PM. Three blogs (on each day) in weekdays.
  • Most probable timings for Saturday and Sunday: 5PM. One bog (on each day) in weekends.
  • There are total three official series from Sacred and their links are given at the top of the homepage.
  • If you want any other series and even a specific blog on a particular vehicle or technology, then do mail us in the ‘Contact Us’ Section. Your suggetion will be in a great value for me.

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